Our feature in Approval Center module will empower you to have:

For managers or business owners, the major component of daily operations centres around Approval Processes. As we strive for a paperless environment, this tedious process can now be carried out on your mobile device.

 As a major module within i3TeamWorks, Approval Centre is designed to handle all types of approval, e.g. Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Staff Leave Application, Expense Claims, etc.

With user defined escalation in place, any approval will be automatically routed to the correct manager to be electronically signed before it is routed to the next. Comments or notes can be added, along with queries back to the originator.

 Whether a request is approved, on hold or rejected, the originator is able to check the status anytime.



Expense Budget Control

As integral part of the Approval Centre, Management is able to set a budgetary limit of expenses.

Approval Situations such as:

  • Staff Leave Management.
  • Expenses Claim.
  • Quotation Submission.
  • Marketing Campaign.
  • Purchase Request & Order.
  • Customer Credit Approval.
  • Vendor Approval.