Our feature in Human Resources module will empower your to have Attendance Clock In/Out system:

  • Clock In & Clock out.
  • GPS Location Based. e.g. Configurable within 500m around office.
  • Able to allow Staff to clock in/out at Remote Locations according to pre-defined settings.
  • Program Setting to set Allowed Clock In & Clock out times.
  • Declaration as Emergency Leave if Clock In outside of allowed times.
  • Application of Leave, i.e Emergency Leave, Medical Leave, etc.

Manage your report using these feature.

  • Real-time Attendance Listing by Company.

Organisation & Staff Records

A central Depository of all staff records, and the organisational structure to identify their positions within the company.

This is part of the core module of i3TeamWorks, and also used for User Management to access i3TeamWorks.

Each user by defaults can use 2 devices, e.g. PC and Tablet or SmartPhone. Additional devices can be granted by SuperAdmin.

Staff Leave Management

This module allow staff to apply for leave at any time from anywhere. Leave Balance can be accessed by staff with their own individual login and password. No more checking with HR every time for their leave balance. Handle various type of leave such as Medical, Emergency, Compassionate.