Sales Culture

Sales, being the lifeline of every business require that the correct Sales Culture be incorporated in one’s business. This will go a long way to ensure the business
will prosper.

i3TeamWorks can be a tool for salespeople to organize their sales activities, sales goal planning, and constantly keep track of information to motivate salespeople in achieving their sales goal.


Salespeople’s Assistant
With Sales Monthly Planner, salespeople will be able to:

     Strategize their to-do list and follow-ups on a monthly basis. They can
     now plan ahead and focus on reaching their target while easily sharing
     their plans 
to their superiors.

     Easily link their strategies to tasks in the system. And the system will
     intelligently prompt salespeople about their appointments.

     Ensure that no sales lead will be left out by using the Sales Pipeline.

     Display their tasks in Calendar-form to ensure that all appointments
     will not be missed.

Handy Sales “Weapon” is a Click Away to Clients
     The Quotation System in i3TeamWorks will truly help salespeople
     who are mostly on the field, to conveniently send product
     information, brochure, proposals, or other marketing materials
     directly to prospects.

     Salespeople have full access to their customer data while on
     the field.

     They can update appointment, customer information and also
     meeting minutes on-screen while on the field.

     Also, checking customer purchase history is available.

     Likewise accounting transactions such as outstanding sales order
     and payment is available at one’s finger tips.

     The system can alert salespeople to follow-up with their customers.

Get More Sales Leads from Existing Clients
     With built-in tracking of customer source, and also setting parameters,
system will keep track of referrers from existing customers. This is
     one of the most important aspects of customers’ acquisition for
     sales profession.

Live CRM vs. Conventional CRM
     It is undeniable that Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
     will help to improve sales, but if your salespeople are armed with
     Live CRM on the field, accessing CRM information will be even
     better. Most importantly, salespeople 
do not have to sit in office and
     update these information, as information are updated in real-time
     from all sources.

     They will also be able to conduct live Check In/Out of meeting
     appointments, and update related notes of meetings. At
     the same time, GPS positioning of Customer Location can be
     updated in Customer Info.This will help salespeople plan for
     future sales follow-ups and calls.

The following modules cover aspects of Sales Culture:

Project Task Management

Project Task Management

 Sales Pipeline

Project Task Management

Project Task Management

Project Task Management

 Quotation System
Project Task Management

 Marketing Campaign
Project Task Management

 Target Setting
Project Task Management