Our feature in Sale Leads & Activities module will empower you to have:

  • Manage Sales Force from Lead Generation to Closing of each sale.
  • Customer Relationship Management for all activities.
  • Real-time Alerts on Target Achievement Daily/Weekly/Monthly on Sales Target, Visitation, Telemarketing & Canvassing Activities.
  • Allow Sales Force to plan their travelling & meeting schedules via Visitation activities.
  • Setting of Visit Frequency limit for each contact to ensure that regular customers are adequately serviced.
  • Contact Central will accumulate all transactions, e.g. Visitation, Telemarketing and Memo updates to the same screen, thereby giving a total view of a customer’s status.
  • Help each sales person to have handy customer information at a glance to ensure proper coverage of services.


Manage your reports using these features.

  • Track Conversion of Leads Generation for all stages.
  • Track Conversion of Contact from various Categories (user define)
  • Analysis report provided by each category of Contact Source eg contacts collected via Social Network, Live Event, Magazines, etc..
  • Evaluate Staff performance by reviewing current month Sales Leads Value, Proposal Value, numbers of Activities as well as their forecast for next month.