Work Culture

In today’s business environment, a new Work Culture needs to be in place to meet the current workforce.

Work is about accomplishing tasks that are assigned to people. It is a known fact that a good business can easily turn bad when there are delays or omissions in the execution of tasks. And each employee’s ability to execute tasks in a timely manner with thoroughness, determines the profitability of the business.


Various challenges can prove to be a challenge toward task accomplishments:

No one wants to walk into their office to be reprimanded by either their immediate superior or a higher ranked person simply because the perceived priorities on tasks are different. For this, managers need to have an overview of tasks that are to be completed by staff, to be able to accurately manage, advice and set priorities for them. This will address unfair workloads among staff too.

When it comes to managing one’s team, micro-managing is what most managers tend to do. However, it is coaching that staff needs. Coaching is the transfer of skill sets that will help staff to become top performers.

Hiring the right staff for the job is important for any business, but from a business perspective, hiring would mean higher costs and lower profit. Hence, business owners would want to pay staff for the work that is done rather than the hours spent doing the task.

Staff Retention & Staff Turnover has proven to be a huge challenge in the business environment. But if each staff is assessed based on his or her performance of tasks in an open and transparent environment, this will definitely
help overcome this problem.

As for open office, is not only about the layout of office space, it is a mental shift where employees are judged based on their performance. This mental shift isn’t as easy to be practiced as mentioned.

Since there are many kinds of tasks in a business covering a myriad of activities, below modules are catered to this:

 Task Management
Project Task Management

Project Task Management

 Business Plan

Project Task Management

 Field Works
Project Task Management

Project Task Management

 Roles & Responsibility
Project Task Management

 Scheduled Task
Project Task Management