A Better Control of Your Work Processes with Automated Workflow

Simplified SOPs in Cloud Workflow Management System

Organizations with poorly written or difficult accessing business SOPs documentation face numerous risks which ultimately results in a negative effect on the business. Such issues are frustrated staffs, missed deadlines, non-compliance, missed opportunities, all of which can lead to a slow-down in growth and cost increase to the business.

Clear and concise SOPs play significant importance when it comes to the smooth and efficient operation of any organization. i3TeamWorks cloud workflow management system has been simplified and easy-to-use. Being an integral part of i3TeamWorks Task Management, each stage of SOPs can be automatically linked to Tasks, Approvals, and users will have 10 user-defined fields for relevant information.

Here are details on how i3TeamWorks workflow can benefit any business:

icon-49Increase efficiency and
productivity at work

icon-50Easy to monitor work processes

icon-51Fulfill ISO standards

icon-52Optimize work performance

Users need to only create relevant process templates, which they can then use instantly!

Simple steps to get you up and running:

The automated chain of workflow operation will begin accordingly.


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