Office Culture

In spite of the technology available to us today, there remains many obstacles that prevent us from working in a truly smart and paperless way. Conventional back-office functions such as Attendance, Leave management, dissemination of company policies among others, remain the same for traditional audit and control purposes.

However, if IT-savvy gadgets such as our computers, smartphones and the Internet are used well, we can easily advance towards a work environment that is more efficient and does not rely heavily on paper and
traditional processes.


Companies that have a large workforce who are constantly on the field or overseas will find that much paperwork and time is spent when it comes to managing staff and office dealings.

With automated management, this will allow for the management to easily generate reports for attendance, leave, training sessions attended by staff, documents and notes shared, receive alerts for document expiry, memo dissemination, seamless approval processes and so much more.

i3TeamWorks’s smart user level control with various User Level access rights allows for management to define each users’ access rights, and select which modules a user is allowed to access for security reasons. With additional System and Program Settings, i3TeamWorks is highly configurable to suit any company’s requirements.

To further secure the system, management can restrict user access to specific devices only. This protects users, as people with their login details are unable to access the system if the device hasn’t been authorized. It also eliminates dishonest use if someone were to ask a friend or acquaintance to login to input
fraudulent information.

i3TeamWorks can be configured to receive push notifications via WeChat, LINE, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, SMS and email so user are
always kept up-to-date.

The following modules cover aspects of Office Culture. They work independently or seamlessly together for an unsurpassed
working experience:

 Scheduled Report
Project Task Management

Project Task Management


Project Task Management

 Approval Center
Project Task Management

 Customer Helpdesk
Project Task Management

 Asset Register
Project Task Management

 Sales Order & Invoice Control
Project Task Management